Crossroads of East and West: European travelers to Anatolia throughout the 19th century
December 2019



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1.   Η Καππαδοκία των ζώντων μνημείων. Η ανακάλυψη “της πρώτης πατρίδος της ελληνικής φυλής° (19ος αι.) (co-author with Ilias Anagnostakis), Αθήνα, Πορεία, 1990.
2.   La découverte de la Cappadoce au 19e siècle (co-author with Ilias Anagnostakis), Istanbul, Eren, 1994.
3.   Greek Orthodox communities of Cappadocia. The district of Prokopi (Ürgüp). Sources in the General State Archives of Greece and the Centre for Asia Minor Studies (co-author with Matoula Kouroupou)., Athens, Centre for Asia Minor Studies, 2001. [in Greek]
4a.   Το οθωμανικό κτηματολόγιο του Ρεθύμνου Tapu Tahir 822 (co-author Mustafa Oğuz), National Hellenic Research Foundation - Historical and Ethnographical Association of Rethymno, Rethymno 2007 [in Turkish and in Greek]
4b.   Livâ-i Resmo : Tahrir Defteri (co-author Mustafa Oğuz), Türk Tarih Kurumu, Ankara 2009
5.   Evangelia Balta - Mustafa Oğuz - Ali Efdal
Kouklia in Nineteenth Century Cyprus, on the Ruins of a once Glorious Paphos, (ed.) Evangelia Balta, The Isis Press, Istanbul, 2015