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Lectures at the Moonlight Monastery on Cunda

In 2015 a series of lectures was launched at the Moonlight Monastery, which was renovated by Suzan Sabancı Dinçer and her husband Haluk Dinçer in 2012 with the aim of opening it as a cultural centre. It is one of the seven monasteries on the Moschonisia, dedicated to Agios Dimitrios Myrovlitis, and also known as ta Selina, the name being taken from the wild celery that grows in the area. This historical site on the Pateritsa Peninsula is a place of rare beauty, described and praised in books from the late 19th century, and which can be seen to be so even today. It was a place of prayer and spiritual uplift, and continues to play the same role even in modern times. It has been converted into a cultural centre, where distinguished scholars from various disciplines can present topics from their fields of research to an audience from Moschonisia and Ayvalık, as well as to the students from foreign universities who are studying at the Intensive Summer School of Ottoman Studies.

The purpose of these events is to present modern academic achievements in the field of Humanities, as well as to promote the social nature of academic research. These lectures have been designed to explore interesting issues, to provoke thoughts and reflections and encourage young scholars to carry out further research.
Their topics cover various historical fields, which not only constitute important research objectives but also due to their relevance to a contemporary reality, constantly provoke discussions by exciting people’s interest.

2017 Programme (pdf) – 2016 Programme (pdf) – 2015 Programme (pdf)



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