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The third conference was held in May 2004, at the “Gerovasileiou Estate”, at Epanomi, Thessalonica.

OINON ΙΣΤΟΡΩ ΙΙΙ. Τ’αμπελανθίσματα [Ta ambelanthismata]
Gerovasileiou Estate, Epanomi Thessaloniki, Athens 2004.


Pikoulas, Yannis Planting vineyards in Antiquity 19-26
Eudokia, K. Skarlatidou An Ancient Vineyard at Thermi (ex. Sedes) near Thessaloniki 27-36
Besios, Manthos Ancient vineyards in northern Pieria 37-44
Efi, Poulaki Kompoloi: Pitheones and agreapaulis 45-56
Kourakou-Dragona, Stavroula Protection phytosanitaire aux vignobles de l’ancienne Mendé 57-74
Anagnostakis, Ilias Grapes and Wines in Eustathios of Thessaloniki “Koukouvai and trigeron oinos” (very old wine) 75-109
Pazaras, Theocharis Winepresses in the region of Kalamaria 111-120
Papaggelos, Ioakeim Elements of enology from the Athonite Monastery of Zygou 121-127
Balta, Evangelia – Georgiou, Angeliki – Karanastasi, Eleni Vines and Wines in Epanomi. The Ottoman Census of 1907 129-191
Kontogiorgi, Elsa Aspects of viticulture and wine production in the places of origin of the refugees settled in the regions of Megalo Karabournou and Kalamaria 193-212
Stavrakas, Dimitrios Expérimentations dans le vignoble du domaine Gerovassiliou 213-229
Gerovasileiou, Vangelis History of the Gerovasileiou Estate
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