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The sixth conference was held in Decembr 2006 at the “Spyropoulos Estate” at Mantineia in Arkadia.

OINON IΣΤΟΡΩ VI, Αρκαδικά οινολογήματα [Arkadika oinologimata], Spyropoulos Estate, Mantineia of Arkadia, Athens 2007.


Roy, James The cult of Dionysos in Classical Arkadia 17-23
Pikoulas, Yannis Searching for vineyards in the Mantinike 25-31
Forsen, Björn Wine production and consumption in the valley of Asea 33-38
Mitsopoulou-Leon Veronika Kelteranlagen aus den Häusen in Lousoi 39-50
Kourakou-Dragona, Stravoula Vins et herbes médicinales sur la terre de Pan 51-73
Anagnostakis, Ilias “Tu me demandes l’ Arkadie”. L’Arcadie ancienne et ses vins vus par les auteurs byzantins 75-97
Chryssanthopoulou Vassiliki St Tryphon and the Tradition of Viticulture in Vytina, Arcadia 99-115
Panopoulou, Angeliki Concessions of vines in the territorio of Tripoli (early 18th c.) 117-124
Balta, Evangelia Viticulture in the kaza in Tripolitsa (16th-18th Century) 125-143
Pylia, Martha Vin et culture de vigne en Arcadie prérévolutionnaire 145-156
Tzourou, Irene Moschofilero: The vine variety of Mantineia 157-163
Apostolos Ep. Spyropoulos Domaine Spyropoulos 165-172
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