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The seventh conference was held in June 2007 at the “Vivlia Chora Estate” at Kokkonochori, Kavala .

ΟΙΝΟΝ ΙΣΤΟΡΩ VII. Στα οινόπεδα του Παγγαίου [In the vineyards of Paggaion Mountain], Vivlia Chora Estate” at Kokkonochori, Kavala , Αthens 2007.


Tiverios, Michalis Dionysos, der Wein und die Lykurgos-Sage im nordgriechischen Raum 15-36
Koukouli-Chrysanthaki, Chaido Production and Circulation of wine in the Thassian Peraia. A first Approach 37-56
Kourakou-Dragona, Stavroula Biblia ampelos – Biblinos oinos 57-77
Malamidou, Dimitra Vine and wine in ancient Amphipolis 79-86
Nikolaïdou-Pateras Maria Sympotic vases from Phagres 87-96
Pikoulas, Yannis Vine-cultivation in the territorium of Colonia Iulia Augusta Philippensis 97-105
Mengidis-Dialektos, Dimitrios Wine-presses at the area of Philippi 107-116
Melvani, Nicholas Viticulture East of the Strymon river during the Byzantine period 119-129
Koutzakiotis, Georges Au coup d’oeil des voyageurs. La viticulture dans la région du Pangée 131-146
Vozikas, Giorgos Tradition surrounding viticulture in the villages of Mt Pagaion and in Darnakohoria of the prefecture of Serres. Convergences and divergences 147-170
Kourakou-Dragona, Stavroula On viniculture and wine 171-176
Τsaktsarlis, Vasilis Domaine “Vivlia Hora” 177-180
Karadima, Chrysa Amphora stamps of Oisyme 181-186
Dadaki, Stavroula An open-air built winepress at Orphanio 187-193
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