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The second conference was held in 2002, at the “Efcharis Estate” at Megara in Attica.

ΟΙΝΟΝ ΙΣΤΟΡΩ II, Μεγαρίς. Η αμπελοοινική της ιστορία Μεγάρων [Megaris. The history of viticulture and wine] Efcharis Estate, Mourtiza Megara, Αthens 2002.


Kourakou-Dragona, Stavroula Le vin d’Aegosthena 11-38
Pikoulas, Yannis Wine in Megara: evaluating our knowledge 39-44
Vordos, Andreas Der Fall eimer Weinanpflanzung in Megara 45-53
Anagnostakis, Ilias Mégare et Byzance. L’histoire viticole de la Mégaris byzantine du 4e-13e siècle 55-71
Panopoulou, Angeliki – Papakosma, Konstantina A Contribution to the History of the Megarid (13th-15th Century) 73-83
Tsiknakis, Kostas Between the Turks and the Venetians. The region of Megara by the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century 85-101
Balta, Evangelia Megaris in the Ottoman Archives. Research into viticulture of the region 103-144
Vingopoulou, Ioli Cheminant en Mégaride: les aspects et les avis des voyageurs 145-156
Chatziioannou, Maria Christine Entrepreneurial activities in the region of Megara in modern times 157-169
Mamaloukos, Stravros The wine-presses of Megara 171-179
Antoniou, Haris The Efcharis Estate 181-189
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