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The fourth conference was held in 2004 at the “Efcharis Estate, at Megara in Attica.

OINON IΣΤΟΡΩ IV. Θλιπτήρια και πιεστήρια. Aπό τους ληνούς στα προβιομηχανικά τσιπουρομάγγανα [Thliptiria kai piestiria. Apo tous linous sta proviomihanika tsipouromaggana] , Athens 2005


Pikoulas Yannis An Introduction to Wine Terminology 13-21
Drougou, Stella Bilter der Lenos (Kelter) 23-31
Petropoulos, Michalis On Clay Moveable Winepress and Two Clay Olive-Oil Separators 33-45
Assimakopoulou-Atzaka, Panagiota Vintage and Winepress Scenes in Mosaics of Late Antiquity 47-76
Anagnostakis, Ilias On Treading and Pressing 77-167
Gasparis, Charalambos Winepress in Medieval Crete, 13th-14th century 169-181
Panopoulou, Angeliki Winepress Construction in Crete in the 16th Century 183-197
Zei, Eleutheria Foulior et pressoir: La vigne et ses differentes Histoires sociales aux-temps modernes 199-213
Balta, Evangelia The Underground Rock-Cut Winepresses of Cappadocia 215-256
Mamaloukos, Stavros Winepresses in Greece in Recent Times 257-271
Kourakou-Dragona, Stavroula Considérations œnologiques sur l’extraction du jus de raisin à travers des âges 273-326
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