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The fifth conference was held in 2006 at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (Athens), on wine in Monemvasia (Malvasia wine).


ΟΙΝΟΝ ΙΣΤΟΡΩ V : MONEMVASIAN WINE – MONOVAS(I)A – MALVASIA. Edited by Ilias Anagnostakis, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute for Byzantine Research (International Symposium 17), Athens 2008.


Ilias Anagnostakis Preface 15-19
Maltezou, Chryssa Opening Address 23-25
Gounaridis, Paris “Εις πράγματος μνήμην τε και οχύρωσιν”. Trade and taxation of wine and other products in Constantinople, in the reign of John VI Kantakouzenos 27-39
Karapidakis Nikos Policy reads wine. Protection, classification and promotion of the product in the Venetian possessions 41-50
Gerolymatou, Maria Imports of wine to Constantinople from the mid-14th to the mid-15th century 53-69
Zei, Eleutheria The limits of legal and illegal. Wines and whores in the taverns of Venice and Candia (14th-15th century) 71-80
Arbel, Benjamin The “Jewish wine” of Crete 81-88
Anagnostakis, Ilias Visit of names. Monemvasian wine, Monemvas(i)a -malvasia 89-119
Anagnostakis, Ilias Epilogue. Time Chart of Monemvasian wine -malvasia 121-146
Gasparis, Charalambos Malevizi. The name, the viticulture and the wines in the 13th and 14th centuries 147-158
Tsiknakis, Kostas Aspects of viticulture in Crete in the late 16th century 159-176
Vincent, Alfred Varieties of vine and kinds of wine in the Memoirs of Tzouanes Papadopoulos 177-185
Dragona-Kourakou, Stavroula The vine variety malvasia and the wines named Malvasian 187-222
Skagos, Nektarios Viticulture in Lakonia during Byzantine times 223-258
Nanetti, Andrea Vigne, vitigni, uva, mosto e vini malvasia nei documenti notarili e negli Statuti veneziani di Μethone e Korone (secoli XIII-XV) 258-278
Yasar, Filiz Viticulture and Wine Production in Ottoman Monemvasia in the Sixteenth Century 279-295
Tolias, Georges Manafasia – Μονοβασία – Menefşe – Malvasia 297-307
Skagou, Giota Grape-pressing installations in the area of Monemvasia 309-319
Athanasaki, Aikaterini Winemaking installations in the wider area of Herakleion. The archaeological evidence 321-332
Vingopoulou, Ioli Travellers’ subjectivities on vinicultural objectivities (15th-16th century). Testimonies on Malvasian wine 333-350
Patramani, Maria “Malvasia – monovassia” (monovasa) in Αndrea Cornaro 351-365
Baroutsos, Fotis In the shadow of Malvasian Muscat. Cretan spirits in the 16th century 367-381
Dragona-Kourakou, Stavroula  Monovas(i)a – Malvasia. Polyptych of vinous subjects 385-475
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