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2017 | Exile, Political and Economic Migration in the Ottoman Empire | April – May 2017

Academic Coordinators : Evangelia Balta, Johan Martelius, Richard Wittmann

The topic of the cycle of lectures we are launching for the months of April and May 2017 was inspired by modern times. Over the last few years we have seen the largest refugee wave in history. At the same time there has been no decline in the continuous migrant flow and movement towards other countries of individuals as well as of population masses in search of employment, better living conditions, in search of a refuge from political persecution. Neither has the exile of individuals and large groups, forced to leave their homes and begin a new life elsewhere, ceased. The Ottoman Empire took in the persecuted Jews from the Spain of Philip II, gave refuge to foreign leaders who sought the protection of the sultan, but also in various periods of its history it compelled its subjects to relocate for political and geostrategic reasons

By drawing some examples from the history of the Ottoman Empire, chosen from existing availabilities, we attempt to describe and discuss aspects of issues that fall under the title of the lecture cycle ‘Exile, Political and Economic Migration in the Ottoman Empire’. We look forward to the discussion and reflections that will be provoked by the presentations of our fellow speakers. And we as organizers hope that this first cycle will generate another series, or why not, many more cycles, as the topic is wide-ranging and absolutely fascinating. Program

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