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Institute of Historical Research Section of Neohellenic Research Program of Ottoman Studies

Program Director: Evangelia Balta, Director of Research Instructor: Dimitris Loupis, External Research Fellow (Ottoman Epigraphy Project)

Program Description

The Course of Ottoman Language and Paleography is a seminar organized by the Program of Ottoman Studies. Dimitris Loupis, the course instructor, is a guest fellow of the aforementioned program with research focusing on Ottoman Epigraphy. Evangelia Balta is scientific program manager. The course, which has a time span of eight months (October to May) is financed by the Turkish Cultural Foundation ( The teaching of Ottoman language and its paleography is the subject of the seminar, which lasts three years. The course, organized according to the academic calendar, is held once a week for three hours and is planned to last for two semesters of fourteen three-hour classes each. A written examination takes place in the fourteenth class of every semester. The seminar has a target group of university students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and researchers, who are interested in learning Ottoman in order to be able to approach any source of textual character. Prior knowledge of Ottoman or other language that uses the Arabic alphabet or even Modern Turkish is not a prerequisite for registration on Level I.

The increasing interest of historical research in Greece in the study of the Ottoman period necessitates training in approaching sources in the Ottoman language. Therefore the Program of Ottoman Studies took the decision to develop ancillary educational projects, in parallel to its research activities, with the aim of enhancing the study of the Ottoman era.


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